Interview: Tribe MSK OTR TKO RTDK CMA
Q- When did you start doing graffiti and how?
I started writing 91', first as a hobby, but it quickly became an addiction. I started off kickin' it with my homies who were already writing at the time. My homegirl showed me some styles and gave me my name. After that everywhere I would go I had to hit up...on buses, poles, schools, bus stops, just about anywhere. I would mostly hit up with streaks and uni-paints, anything that was rackable. My whole lifestyle turned to getting up, faded, and getting free shit.
Q- Who was around then?

Back then the people I saw up were Chaka, Oil, Dcline, Wisk, Tolse, and more that I can't recall. Crews I saw up were COI, LOD, BLA, OTR and piecing crews such as AWR, UTI, CBS, WCA, KSN, MAK and K2S. Q- What crews did you run with?
The first crew I ran with was CMAQ. And after that I was in a hand full of crews such as: EM, LAS, AOB, NHD, SAS, JOR, FR, WRS and TCS.
Q- What did you want to accomplish in graffiti?
I wanted to get up all city, places that were not easy to get and getting away with it. And gaining respect, not just as a girl but as a graffiti artist.
Q- Where have you traveled?
The only other places other than L.A. that I've bombed is San Francisco and Las Vegas. I've pretty much bombed in every city in L.A. such as: Puente, Montebello, Pomona, the Valley, Southgate etc...The best rush is running on the freeway and climbing a billboard.
Q-What did you do back then in the graffiti subculture?
Other than graffiti, I liked to go to underground hip hop clubs, raves, alter my mind, get faded, go racking for money and kick back.
Q- Is there any disadvantages to being a girl writer?
One thing I don't like about people knowing that I'm a girl is that guys always be hating on me. Fools I don't even know talk shit saying that I don't do my own shit. And to let all y'all know I do all my own shit. Fuck what anybody thinks about me. If your all that, represent on the wall not with your mouth.
Q- Why do you love graffiti?
I love graffiti and hip hop because it unites so many people and cultures all over the world. Like I can have a conversation with someone that's a different race and age and have so much in common with them...I think we need to cut back on all the beef and hating and support other graffiti writers and school fools who don't know whats up. Q- Do you think we should have writer's benches again?
Hell yeah!! It would be great to keep it together as a graffiti community and it would give us something to do on the weekends.
Q- If you were to start an all-girls crew how easy would it be?
It wouldn't be easy at all actually; there's not a lot of girl writers in L.A. that I'm in contact with, and if there's any girl writers out there give me a jingle.
Q-What do you think about Gkae and his situation?
I think that's really fucked up and I don't think anybody deserves, you know, to do time for something like that its not like he's hurting anybody, you know, actually in reality he's really do something good, you know, making things look better that looked ugly; that's some fucked up shit and it kind of scares me in a way beacause the system is all fucked up and that shits' wack that they treat you like that, like animals a nd shit, you know; they don't lock up van gogh aor picasso...right? why they gonna lock up another fellow artist?
Q- Do you have any last words or shout outs?
Now I'm currently bombing throw-ups, piecing and I got an associate arts degree in fashion design and I want to start my own line of gear...Shoutouts to my crew...Mad Society Krew, On the Run, RTDKillaz, The Krazy Ones and my homies Zes, Toomer, Revok, Eklipse, Gkae, Saber, Just, Duem, Wisk, Cudles, Alloy, Kero, Relic, Oiler, Tempt, Joust, Bruin, Meck, Foxy and R.I.P. Air.